Social Media is an increasingly important part of any digital marketing strategy

Social MediaYou may have built your business on word-of-mouth. Social media is an important part of any search strategy today and we like to say it’s word-of-mouth on steroids!

More than 78% of consumers will look at social media and online reviews before considering a business. Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites give your potential customers the opportunity to view your business from a more personal perspective while seeing what your customers are saying about you.

Social Media is an opportunity to shout about your business and build a community of loyal customers. We will put this important piece in place for you and  rank them in the search engines. Then show you exactly what you need to do to keep them fresh.

Social media marketing isn’t all fun and games—it’s an increasingly relevant sales tool that your business can’t afford to ignore. According to a recent report by Edison Research, 47% of social media users cite Facebook as the medium that has the greatest impact on their purchasing behavior. Savvy web marketers consider social one of the most powerful tools in their digital marketing mix, finding that social media produces more leads than trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC.

With many social networks moving their own business models from organic content towards paid reach, if you’re not doing social media right, you’d be better off not doing it at all.

As with most web marketing practices, the social landscape changes quickly, requiring businesses to stay up to date with the latest rules and practices, or risk falling out of profitability & relevance. Fortunately, the experts at 9Kicks Digital Marketing interact with the social web on a daily basis. We understand how social networks can work to generate interest, build brand and drive sales.

9Kicks offers a wide range of social media management options ranging from strategic coaching and content creation, to full management & monitoring. Our social media team is adept at developing sound strategy and beautiful content which maximizes unpaid reach and drives tangible sales results.

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